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5 Uses for Airboat Transportation

When most people think about airboats, they envision a fun activity for tourists exploring the wetlands. While they are a great source of fun, these boats have several other practical uses. In fact, here at Stan’s, we don’t do tours at all—we use our airboats for other useful purposes. Continue reading to learn other ways in which they can be used.

Emergency Response

Not many people know this, but modern airboats are made from fiberglass and aluminum with onboard propellers and flat bottoms. This allows them to fly swiftly across marsh, ice, vegetation, and a variety of landscapes—making them perfect for responding to emergencies. Hundreds of fire and rescue organizations in the United States use airboats to quickly and efficiently access emergencies that would be otherwise hard to reach.

Work Crew Transportation

If your job site is inaccessible by conventional watercrafts or terrain vehicles, you’ll need to call upon Stan’s airboat fleet to get you there safely. It is common for those working in environmental and rescue operations, or in the pipeline and survey industries to need airboat transportation in order to reach their destinations. These special boats are some of the safest and most cost-effective modes of transportation, and our trained professionals can transport multiple people throughout marshes, dry ridges, or swamps to get to their worksites.

Water and Soil Testing

Airboats can also be used for soil testing, water testing, and several different surveys in hard to access areas. This can be useful in order to ensure that future excavation projects will not disrupt the wildlife and surrounding environment.

Observing Wildlife

Because airboats can travel to areas that the average person cannot, this allows for the observation of wildlife not seen every day. Alligators, eagles, and other special birds are among the many unique animals that can be observed from an airboat.

Controlling Pest Populations and Aquatic Vegetation

Airboats can be equipped with aquatic spray systems to control aquatic vegetation and pests. Environmentally-friendly, safe chemicals are expelled from airboats to target certain species in order to keep the habitat under control. This is important because invasive aquatic vegetation is known for destroying habitats and can affect the efficiency of irrigation systems, ponds, lakes, and several other bodies of water.

Here at Stan’s Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service, we are happy to help you with any of your airboat needs. Contact us today to request a quote!

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