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Stan's History

Tommy Todd brings over 20 years of construction and project management to Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service, while Liz brings over 20 years of administrative management and sales experience. 
Together they are continuing the mark of excellence that Stanley Caldarera began years ago. They are striving to build Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service into an even more prosperous business which endeavors to meet each project with quality as well as production.

“Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service is the best choice for your wetland requirements.”

As Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service grows or the project at hand requires, we are dedicated to attaining quality operators and project managers. Stan’s hiring procedures uphold that only qualified and experienced operators will join our company.

We have a safety consultant on retainer to ensure that we meet all ISNet World and OSHA requirements. Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service operators are NCCER Certified in Excavating and Backfilling as well as LPG Abnormal Operating Conditions and Probing. Stan’s also implements random drug testing to ensure the safety of our employees which is performed by a drug testing consortium.

We have a brilliant administrative staff which strives to utilize current technology not only in the accounting department but also in the area of project management. In maintaining the technological advancements, Stan’s Airboat utilizes an IT specialist, as well as the expertise of a Certified Public Accountant, who specializes in the growth of small businesses, for quality control of our accounting practices.

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