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Marsh Excavation

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Our marsh excavation services

Navigating marshlands and wetlands for excavation and tree grubbing purposes requires specialized equipment and expertise. At Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service, we bring both to the table. We design our marsh excavators to perform excavation and tree grubbing services in wetlands and other difficult conditions where no other equipment can operate.

Mini marsh excavators

Our mini marsh excavators, less than 12 feet wide, are designed to traverse and operate in wetlands and marshes with ease. These nimble machines ensure efficient transportation and operation within the marshland environment, all the while keeping your project costs minimal.

Float-on-water capability

Uniquely designed to float on water, our mini marsh excavators access even the most remote sites. No matter the terrain, we can push our machines to your site, ensuring the job gets done.

Trained operators

The right tools need the right hands. Similar to the airboat service, our marsh excavators come with a trained operator. Our experts ensure smooth operation, respecting the delicate marsh ecosystem while accomplishing your project goals efficiently.

Why choose our marsh excavation service?

At Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service, we understand the unique challenges of marshland and wetland projects. Our specialized equipment, professional operators, and commitment to respecting the environment set us apart. Whether you require excavation, trenching, or tree grubbing in these challenging conditions, our team will deliver the services you need effectively and professionally.

Stan’s at work on a marsh excavation project:

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