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How to Bury Fiber Optic Cables

There are two standard types of outdoor fiber optic cable installations: underground cable installation and pole line aerial installation. Understanding the basics of each will help you gain more trust in your cable installation company. Today, we’re going to dive…

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The 4 Phases of Wetland Restoration

Typically, wetland remediation projects require ample restoration. At Stan’s, we’re no strangers to environmental protection, and we take careful precautions to make sure that the wetlands we work in stay protected.  When it comes to the removal of impacted sediments,…

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5 Excavation Safety Tips

Marsh excavation is no simple task, and if not properly executed, serious damage to both workers and the environment can occur. At Stan’s, we use the following five tips to ensure the safety of ourselves and the surrounding marsh. 1.…

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Coastal Erosion Timeline

The Louisiana coast is disappearing at an alarming rate of one football field per hour, costing roughly $500 million annually in land and property loss. Over just the last 200 years, nearly half of our nation’s original wetland habitats have…

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Hurricane Debris Cleanup in the Marsh

While Hurricane Barry was not as powerful as anticipated, many areas in Southern Louisiana were deeply affected. Being that the coastline is a hurricane magnet, Louisiana marshlands typically require extensive cleanup during the aftermath. Hurricane debris cleanup in the marsh…

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