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Beaver Dam Removal: Ecological Remediation & Wildlife Hazard Mitigation

Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service specializes in pipeline right-of-way reclamation and maintenance, oil spill cleanup in wetlands and low-lying areas, debris removal; and disaster search, rescue, and recovery.

But once in awhile we have to take care of a little beaver business.

Beaver Dam Removal

According to Liz Todd with Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service, “A beaver dam will disturb the natural flow of the water in a state or federal wildlife management area. When these folks call us, we will go in there to evaluate the situation. If the main waterway is blocked, or if the dam is causing a flood in the refuge, we’ll remove the dam.”

Stan’s has gone as far as North Carolina for beaver dam removal.

“Those little guys are quite creative when they build those systems,” Liz says.

Here’s what you have to understand: Beavers are GREAT at building strong structures. They construct their dams so they don’t come apart. The sticks and branches they use are woven together like cloth. They are cemented together (mortared) with mud, then another layer of mud and sticks holds it all together.

Beavers will make their dams bigger and bigger until the dam is massive and impossible to deconstruct without explosives or excavation machinery.

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Sure, you can go rent a John Deere backhoe for a few days and try to remove the dam yourself. But once the waterway is cleared, it will flood the surrounding area. A professional operator can position the water flow correctly.

A professional beaver dam removal company like Stan’s will go in with excavators and marsh buggies—we’ll even go in with shovels and pickaxes where necessary–to get the dam cleared.

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