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Why Clearing Right of Way is Essential for Safe Gas Pipelines

When you think about the safety of natural gas pipelines, what comes to mind? 

If you’re like most people, you probably think about things like ensuring that the pipeline is properly installed and maintained. 

However, another important part of keeping pipelines safe is making sure that there is plenty of room for them to operate without running into obstacles. Clearing the ROW is essential for safe gas pipelines, and here’s why.

How to keep pipelines safe

Keeping natural gas pipelines clear and in working order is vital to fueling our daily lives. Over time, however, pipelines can become overgrown with vegetation, resulting in maintenance and structural problems.

Pipelines, like cars or any other industrial equipment, need regular inspections to make sure everything is operating as it should be. This includes monitoring surrounding vegetation growth to ensure that it’s not obscuring the path of workers who need to access the pipeline.

Creating an ROW plan and a regular clearing schedule can guarantee that workers will be able to access the pipeline when necessary and keep operations safe. This not only makes things easier for workers, but also helps utility companies maintain compliance.

Staying compliant

Each state’s Department of Transportation has strict requirements regarding keeping the ROW clear, as well as numerous other variables that could hinder the safety of the pipeline operation. Failing to remain compliant can lead to costly fines and significant safety concerns.

Clearing vegetation

The problematic vegetation affecting pipelines is more than just weeds. 

We’re talking large shrubs, cattails, bullwhip, stemmed woody plants, high grasses, and trees–all of which are more than just above-ground nuisances. Their roots cause damage to the underground pipeline as well.

To remove this pesky vegetation, brush needs to be pulled out by the root, and tree trunks must be cut as low to the ground as possible, with remaining stumps treated with herbicide to prevent regrowth.

The most effective way to clear and control vegetation surrounding pipelines is by hiring an experienced ROW clearing and stump removal company like Stan’s Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service. We have decades of experience in the industry, and specialize in delicate areas like swamp and marshlands. Contact us today to request a quote!

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