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Hire the Right Trencher

Get The Right Trencher for the Job

As long as there has been cable, fiber or pipe that needed laying, trenchers have played a major role in underground installations.

When it comes to the workhorse of the pipeline industry, utilities, drainage … you name it, trenchers are what you need to get the job done.

Hire the Right Trencher

What do you need a trenching machine for? What materials will be installed?

Think about the possibility of expansion and how that could affect your current trenching project. What might you need one for in the future?

If your business is growing, what features and performance level will meet your current and future requirements?

Make a List (and Check it Twice)

  • What chain size will you need?
  • Do you only need the machine to trench or are there attachments that you will need as well?
  • What are ground conditions like?
  • Will the machine operate nonstop or off and on through the duration of your project?

Operating Costs

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Look beyond the horsepower. Compare operating costs with production costs to select the best machine for the job. The size of the machine will affect cost the most–and a machine that’s far too big for the job at hand will drive up costs unnecessarily.

The Extras

Trenchers have plenty of features that were once considered add-ons that are now a standard. Before committing to a trencher, decide what extras are mandatory versus what would just be nice to have–and compare it to your budget. Cruise control can help keep speeds consistent and benefit the machine as a whole. Production rates will then be optimized without a lot of lulls, again improving the bottom line. Don’t forget about the workers. Their comfort will increase their productivity–and help your bottom line.

Marsh Trenching

Marsh trenching brings with it its own unique set of problems based on the conditions of the swampy terrain. Oil and gas companies need a trench to bury pipelines, while utility companies need trenches to bury fiber optic cables and other utility lines. Even duck hunters turn to a trencher to create duck trails throughout the marsh.

When trenching becomes complicated, it’s time to bring in a professional to do the job right. Contact Stan’s Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service for all of your trenching needs.

No matter what your trenching project, after a call to Stan’s, you may consider it dug. Stan’s also specializes in pipeline right-of-way reclamation and maintenance, oil spill cleanup in wetlands and low-lying areas, debris removal, and disaster search, rescue and recovery.

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