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How Marsh Excavators Work

When working in swamps and other wet marshlands, you need equipment that will float in these delicate environments. Thankfully, marsh excavators are built to do just that. Continue reading as we dive into exactly how marsh excavators work.


Marsh excavators, also known as amphibious buggies, are extremely versatile. They consist of an amphibious undercarriage and sealed pontoons that allow them to dredge while staying afloat in shallow water. These pontoons are made out of high-tensile steel that is resistant to seawater and corrosion.


Contrary to popular belief, marsh excavators were not made solely for marshland work. They are also ideal for projects in flooded areas, river beds, and near oceans. Amphibious buggies are a cost-effective way to lay pipelines, dredge, as well as perform flood and disaster recovery, levee construction, environmental remediation, and highway construction.

Marsh excavators are the most helpful in dredging projects. Standard excavators typically get stuck or have a limited range in these shallow waters, but amphibious buggies are able to combat this by quite literally “walking on water.”


One of the key features of marsh excavators is their buoyancy through hermetically sealed pontoons. Track chains in combination with a multi-synchronous hydraulic drive allow for swift and precise movements. Their track chains are also ideal for floatation and offer stability and tractive efficiency in various soil environments.

Marsh excavators are perfect for wet environments like marshlands, swamps, or flooded areas. At Stan’s Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service, we proudly offer an impressive fleet consisting of:

  • 1 442 Bobcat excavator
  • 2 Bush hogs for marsh excavators
  • 2 Commercial hydroseeders
  • 3 Denis Cimaf grinder/chippers for marsh excavators
  • 4 Saw blade attachments for marsh excavators
  • 4 Hydratreks
  • 5 Wilson marsh excavators (two E63 bobcats and three 337 bobcats)
  • 5 Tiller attachments for marsh excavators
  • 9 Airboats

Stan’s is here to help. If you have a specific marsh excavation, pipe clearing, reclamation, airboat transportation, or disaster cleanup job that you need assistance with, contact us today to request a quote!

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