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Hurricane Debris Cleanup in the Marsh

While Hurricane Barry was not as powerful as anticipated, many areas in Southern Louisiana were deeply affected. Being that the coastline is a hurricane magnet, Louisiana marshlands typically require extensive cleanup during the aftermath.

Hurricane debris cleanup in the marsh can be very tricky because the land is fragile enough as is, and the last thing our coast needs is more damage caused by reckless clean-up. In cases like these, special equipment like marsh excavators are needed in order to remove debris while simultaneously protecting the land. 

In order to get the affected ecosystem back in working order, these excavators are used to move trees and other debris that block major water or roadways. When it comes to disaster relief, Stan’s proudly offers more than just clean-up assistance. We are also skilled at power restoration and flood protection assistance, and are honored to work with the U.S. Coast Guard in our rescue efforts.

Given our Coast Guard Basic Ordering Agreement, we provide the following services when a federal response to a disaster occurs:

  • First responders that will respond to Haz-Mat incidents and/or oil spills
  • Personnel, materials, and equipment that meet FOSC input & industry standards
  • Adherence to the explicit terms & conditions of a federal response

Regardless of where you are in the United States, if you are in need of disaster recovery or hurricane debris cleanup, contact Stan’s! Our specialized equipment allows us to access even the hardest to reach areas safely, without endangering the surrounding environment.

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