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Introducing the Stan’s Fleet of Bobcat Excavators and Marsh Buggy Excavators

If you need work done in hard-to-access wetlands and unstable terrains where a human can’t easily walk, the Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service fleet of hard-working buggies can get the job done.

Whether it’s tree grubbing, marsh excavation, trenching, pipeline reclamation, or disaster clean-up, we have amphibious excavators and swamp buggies to fit every job, including:

Our marsh excavators are small,” says Liz Todd, president of Stan’s. “Most excavators used by other companies require escorts and cost more money to transport to the job than they cost to operate.”

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Getting Stan’s buggies to the job is easy, which saves you money getting equipment to the job site. Amphibious equipment is usually bulky, but the excavators we bring to your site can be disassembled for easy transportation.

Reassembling can be done in a matter of hours. Usually, however, disassembly is not necessary, as our buggies can usually be transported on a trailer.

Another benefit of smaller equipment is the environmental impact. Our buggies have a large footprint that exerts the least amount of pressure per square inch possible.

“We leave virtually no ecological footprint because we’re so light,” Todd says. This makes Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service a trusted partner for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and other government agencies who are tightly controlled by environmental regulations.

Are Stan’s marsh excavators likely to get stuck? No way! The large footprint, low ground pressure and amphibious capabilities of our buggies, along with the high torque tracking system, can get our machines out of just about every bog.

Our buggies are buoyant, so the danger of slipping into a bog or bottomless marsh is nonexistent. Their ability to float comes in handy for crossing waterways or transporting down rivers. Our machines float with 20 percent or more freeboard.

What kind of attachments can be mounted on our machines? Our amphibious crafts are designed to carry excavators, draglines, and other special applications. We have tiller attachments, sawblade attachments, Bushogs, and Denis Cimaf grinder/chippers.

Stan’s marsh buggy excavators have extremely strong drawbar pulling capabilities. The tracking system is a high torque system; navigating inland waterways is usually not a problem

Our amphibious equipment is hydraulically driven. The travel circuits of the excavators power the undercarriages. Some of our machines have their own engines to power the hydraulic drive systems.

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