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Louisiana Alligator Hunting: A Quick Guide

Louisiana Alligator Hunting


Louisiana is home to the nation’s largest alligator population, and alligator hunting has been a part of the local culture throughout history.

Sadly, unregulated hunting in the early and middle part of the last century led to a massive reduction in alligator numbers. Gators were added to the endangered species list in 1973.

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Through responsible hunting practices, populations are healthy once again and the swamps, rivers, and lakes of Louisiana are home to scores of these incredible creatures. Gator hunting is permitted only in the month of September, so plan accordingly if you want to try your hand at gator hunting this year. Or maybe you’d just like to come along for the ride and see how it’s done.

Louisiana Alligator Hunting

Always choose an experienced professional to take you alligator hunting. Go with someone who knows what they’re doing so that your trip is memorable for the right reasons. When booking your hunt, ask about any permits you will need. Note that permits for out of state hunters cost more than for locals. These fees are sometimes included in the price of a hunting package, but not always, so be sure to ask.


Several companies in the area offer guided hunts for enthusiasts of all flavors, from the casual observer to the seasoned hunter. Here are a few we recommend:


Acadiané promises “the experience of a lifetime” while you hunt alligators on their family-owned 4,000 acres of coastal marshland set alongside East Cote Blanche Bay. Their guided alligator hunts are led by experienced professionals and you can choose from a one or two day hunt. Either package includes souvenirs to commemorate your adventure, plus meals and all the gear you need for a successful harvest. The two day hunt includes lodging at a nearby hotel.



Bourbe Lake is a private club offering an all-inclusive 3 day, two night hunting package. Bring three of your friends along for this high-end gator hunting experience. Unlike many hunting packages, this is not a guided tour where you simply assist in the capture. Bourbe Lake will provide the supplies, you and your companions will execute the hunt. Stay and dine on site at the exclusive club, where staff will be on hand to provide any assistance you may need. The package includes four gators, but more can be harvested for an additional fee.



Schedule a hunt on Alligator Hunt La’s private Houma property where you’ll be served Cajun food while you hunt and trap your gator. There are a few different packages offered, depending on what you’re looking for. One offers you the chance to shoot a gator without keeping it. This is a nice treat for travelers who want to experience something extraordinary — but don’t fancy bringing hundreds of pounds of meat back home with them. Of course, you can instead opt for the “take it home” package that includes skinning, cleaning, and meat storage. Alligator Hunt La doesn’t offer lodging on site, but can direct you to great local hotels and inns.



Louisiana Marsh Adventures offers airboat tours and guided alligator hunts. Professional guides will take you on the hunt of your choice. Just pick from a number of packages, or create your own customized tour where you get to choose your bait and capture methods. They also offer a ride-along trip for those who would like to observe the hunt without actively participating in it. The family-owned company specializes in day tours and offers processing services, including taxidermy.



At Guided Adventures, come along on a drive-in hunt where you can snag a gator of any size. Experienced pros accompany you every step of the way, and packages include skinning and hide prepping. They’ll even cut and wrap your meat nicely and put it in your ice chest to take home. If you’re looking for an amazing way to celebrate a special occasion, they’re happy to accommodate bachelor parties, family reunions, and company retreats — just book early.



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