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3 Differences Between Marsh Excavation and Dry Land Excavation Equipment

When it comes to excavation, it’s important to note that different land types will call for different equipment. If you’re looking to excavate dry land, a standard excavator will do. However, if the land you need to excavate is located in an extremely wet area like the marsh, you will need specialized equipment–like Stan’s marsh excavators. Learning the differences between these methods will help you communicate with your contractor and understand the process.

1. Marsh excavators can float

Marsh excavators, or amphibious buggies, are ideal for marshlands because their low ground pressure allows them to float (as seen in the image to the right). This allows them to be pushed to your location no matter how difficult it may be to access. Standard excavators cannot float, nor can they be easily pushed.

2. Standard excavators require the land to be drained before it can be accessed

Marsh buggies are uniquely crafted to excavate, transfer, and transport brush and debris safely across wetlands without the need to drain them. Traditional excavators, however, require that the land be drained before they can get to work. 

Levees, temporary roads, and other drainage structures must be built in order to safely drain land. Not to mention the damage it does to the local ecosystem. This is a costly and time-consuming process that can be bypassed altogether with marsh excavators. We aim to protect your budget and the environment.

3. Marsh excavators can glide through thick vegetation and shallow areas

Because marsh excavators have very low ground pressure, they can glide effortlessly across streams and lakes, even with a full load. This helps the buggies avoid getting stuck in debris and makes them perfect for land with thick vegetation that would not be accessible by shallow-draft barges.

Understanding the differences between marsh excavators and standard excavators is very important to the excavation process. Make sure you know which piece of excavation equipment your land may require before hiring a contractor. At Stan’s Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service, our marsh buggies are ideal for the toughest, wettest areas. Contact us today to request a quote!

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