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Marsh Excavators: Cool Videos

Excavation tools? That’s something we’re passionate about here at Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service. The excavators we use are sophisticated, intelligent, and, let’s face it, pretty cool.

If you’re someone who enjoys the occasional video of a cool piece of machinery doing its job, we’ve got some marsh excavation and swamp clearing videos you might dig. (Get it? Dig?)

1. Excavator trick

We bet you didn’t know marsh excavators could do this! Using its bucket, the excavator leans on one side to get its rollers over the curb without even touching it. Not sure if this will ever be necessary, but it sure looks like fun.

2. Excavator working in the swamp

Digging channels and busting beaver dams gets dramatic with John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind” playing in the background. If you ever wanted country music playing softly in the background while you watch some swamp clearing, here’s the video for you.

3. Beer bottle excavator trick

If you think the over-the-curb trick above was showing off, this excavator’s beer bottle trick definitely tops it. But it also shows the awesome precision that the excavator bucket gives the operator when it’s needed.

4. Using swamp mats while excavating in soft ground

This video shows how swamp mats, or portable roads for rubber-wheel vehicles to get better traction on soft ground, can really help the excavator to do its job. See how the excavator gets more access to this dam reservoir, where there is sediment buildup at the bottom, with the swamp mats?

5. Excavator busting beaver dams

Beaver dams can be a real headache in swamps and wetlands, not to mention a huge obstacle with marsh and creek excavation. This video shows how an operator uses the excavator to bust a beaver dam and then haul the mess out of the creek bed.

Want to see some of these cool marsh excavators in action in real life? Stan’s Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service has over 30 machines (from Bobcats to amphibious bush hogs) that we use to get the precision and power needed for every one of our projects. Whether your project requires an airboat, a Hydratrek, or an excavator with a chipper/grinder, Stan’s has the machines to get your marsh excavation project done right.

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