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Right of Way Clearing Done Right

Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service is the first call folks in the oil and gas, water and sewer, power transmission, and fiber optic industries make when they need to clear the right of way for their pipes and cables.

In fact, Stan’s has cleared thousands of miles of right of way for them over the years—and that’s not counting our fence-building, surveying, and railroad clearing jobs. Whether we’re mowing, grubbing, excavating or trenching, our fleet of highly-specialized equipment and highly-trained employees can handle any project from start to finish.

Visibility and Access

After a few years of lean times, pipeline construction is under way again. Here in Louisiana, oil and gas transportation infrastructure is growing, which means there’s a big need to clear paths to these pipelines.

Right-of-way (ROW) clearing involves taking out unwanted trees, underbrush, marsh reeds, limbs, and overgrown vegetation. This is an important part of line maintenance because it means increased visibility and access to pipelines and transmission and distribution lines. Clearing also preserves the integrity of the pipes themselves, since plant growth can damage these structures in the long run.

When gas or oil lines become “lost” and unkempt, they also become a safety concern for the community and utility workers. That’s why we provide ROW mowing and bush hogging services in addition to tree and stump removal.

Marsh Trenching

When Louisiana companies need to run pipelines, fiber optic cable lines, or other utility lines underground through the swamps and marsh, Stan’s once again is the first name that springs to mind.

Typically, we’ll dig a trench for the pipeline to be buried in, pull the line into position, and then bury it. Most oil companies are required to bury their lines for safety purposes, and our machines can do the job right and on schedule.

The Equipment You Need for Right of Way Clearing

Larger construction equipment can cause a lot of damage, which is one reason our fleet is ideal for ROW clearing in the marsh. Stan’s marsh buggies have low centers of gravity and are relatively small.

They can easily maneuver over uneven terrain, through the marsh, and even across open water. Their size and maneuverability allow for easier access to tight spots. Their weight means less soil compaction and less erosion—and this makes for happier land owners.

Safety is a Clear Objective

Stan’s is known for its custom, state-of-the art equipment and passion for offering professional wetworks services. However, an emphasis on safe working procedures remains our top concern.

In our line of work, terrain, conditions, and regulatory standards are constantly changing, and so it’s crucial that your right of way contractor be adaptable, smart, and proactive. Many of our clients require a written safety plan to be awarded the contract. We know how to create a workable plan that will take pipeline hazards into account. Our operators have safety meetings and are required to use on-site precautions such as personal protective equipment (PPE).

Adhering to regulatory and environmental standards is always a top concern for your business—that’s why it’s a top concern of ours, as well.

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