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Tree Grubbing

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Tree Grubbing & Stump Removal

Utility companies and pipeline companies need to cut through the tree canopy to do their work. Stan’s can clear trees, shrubs, stumps, and logs from the future ROW so you can do what must be done. We’ve been performing tree clearing and stump removal for years, and take the job seriously. We will treat your land like it was our own.

At Stan’s, we understand the importance of creating access through thick tree canopies and marshlands for utility and pipeline work. Our tree grubbing service efficiently clears future ROW paths, simultaneously providing a clear path for your essential work to proceed.

Experienced and Dependable

With years of experience in tree clearing and stump removal, we understand the challenges and complexities that come with these tasks.

When we grub a wooded area, we’re thorough and professional. Our trained professionals work diligently to perform every task safely and efficiently, giving you peace of mind and a clear path for your project. We service Iowa, Lake Charles, Sulphur, Lafayette and any of Louisiana’s marshes with the best in tree and stump removal. We’ve even gone around the United States as well in locations as far as Florida, Alabama, New Jersey, North Carolina, and more.

Stan’s at work on a tree grubbing project:

Stan’s at work on a stump removal project:

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