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U.S. Coast Guard Relies on Stan’s for Disaster Cleanup

Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service has been awarded a U.S. Coast Guard contract to perform nationwide disaster response and rescue efforts.

“We are very excited and looking forward to working with the Coast Guard,” says Liz Todd, Stan’s co-owner.

Disaster Cleanup

The U.S. Coast Guard Emergency Response Contracting Support agreement covers wetlands emergency operations across the U.S. as they arise.

What kind of work will Stan’s be handling? Whatever they call us for. It could include anything from tornado and hurricane response to offshore oil spills to dangerous HazMat incidents.

Stan’s and its employees have worked closely with the Coast Guard on disaster operations in the past. Those relationships paid off when Stan’s got the chance to officially pitch their services at The Clean Gulf Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans.

“Any time you work a storm or a major disaster, you meet up with the Coast Guard,” Todd says. “And since we’re at regional meetings like the Clean Gulf Conference, we got the opportunity to show them our abilities. We showed them how our equipment is very useful for rescue and cleanup.”

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So what is a Coast Guard Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)? This contract specifically identifies personnel, equipment, and supplies Stan’s will provide in the event of a federal response. Securing a Coast Guard Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) requires the following:

  • Must be a First Responder able to respond to oil spills and/or Haz-Mat incidents
  • Must have personnel, equipment, & materials based on FOSC input & industry standards
  • Must adhere to specific terms & conditions in the event of a Federal Response
Hurricane Cleanup

This kind of work is very hard on Stan’s fleet of airboats, excavators, and amphibious vehicles. Flooded engines are common. But Stan’s is proud to handle this important work all over the United States (or at least anywhere there are wetlands).

Disaster response, emergency response, rescue efforts, tornado response, hurricane response … Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service truly can handle it all!

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