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Wetland Remediation Services: Ask the Experts

Wetland remediation services call for customized amphibious marsh buggies like the ones we use here at Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service.

 Customized Amphibious Marsh Buggy

Stan’s has amphibious marsh buggies built and outfitted to excavate, transport, and transfer brush and debris from wetland conditions. Not having to drain the job site means you can avoid building temporary roads, drainage structures, or levee systems. This saves you time and money, since the marsh doesn’t have to be drained during the wetland management process, recovery and reclamation don’t take as long.

Wetlands and Marshes

Why do we specialize in wetlands and marshes? Sometimes the water is too deep or the ground is too unstable for traditional equipment. Other times the water is too shallow and vegetation is too thick to use shallow-draft barges.

 Amphibious Buggies

We go where the others can’t, and our amphibious buggies get the job done. How? They have extremely low ground pressure, and they can float across streams and lakes, even when fully loaded. Our marsh equipment will not sink or get bogged down in the sediment. Our “long stick” arms help our buggies maneuver in the roughest, wettest terrain.

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Marsh Equipment

What about dredging and filling in wetlands and other surface waters? Some waterways are too shallow or inaccessible for conventional marine equipment and cannot be easily reached for hydraulic or mechanical dredging. Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service specializes in marsh dredging and related wetlands excavation needs, even in delicate ecosystems. Again, that’s where our buggies really outshine any other excavation equipment anywhere in coastal areas.

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Where our competitors’ services could cause damage to plants, fish, and wildlife in these wetlands environments, our equipment can dig through heavy vegetation and build levee systems in low-lying areas to contain the silt and debris from the large suction dredges that pump silt and water up from the waterway.

 Wetland Equipment

Our buggies are perfect for this kind of work. And you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s a comment from the Yesterday’s Tractors message board that explains exactly what makes our marsh equipment unique (the person who posted it lives in Louisiana):

A marsh excavator sure is a sight to see when it is being hauled for a short distance. They leave the excavators fully assembled for short hauls but break them down into three pieces for long hauls. For those of you that have never seen one or really do not know what a marsh excavator is, it is a track hoe that has had the tracks removed and replaced with a track that rotates around a pontoon. This allows the machine to float like a boat, or more like a barge, yet it can move under its own power.

This excavator will literally walk on water!

The pontoons are 25 feet to 40 feet long; 4 feet to 7 feet wide; and 5 feet to 7 feet high depending on the size of the excavator being used. When the machine is fully assembled it can be as much as 22 feet wide. This makes for some fancy driving needed when meeting one being hauled down a two-lane country highway.

 Marsh Excavation

He’s right. The fact that our marsh equipment literally floats is what lets us handle wetland remediation, disaster cleanup, and pipeline reclamation jobs in areas that were once considered “no man’s land.”

Give Stan’s a call today. We’ll help you develop a wetland management plan that will meet your requirements and budget.

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