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What Exactly Does an Excavation Contractor Do?

excavation contractor

You should always call a professional excavation contractor before doing any digging on your own–this includes any trenches for gardens or landscaping pits. Before you get to thinking that this is something you can do on your own by renting a bobcat, here are a few things you should note about what exactly excavation entails.

Preparing the site

Excavation contractors make sure that the job is executed safely and efficiently so that no underground utilities or surrounding environments are affected. Regardless of whether or not your land appears to be leveled or free of debris, you should never assume that it’s suitable for construction. An excavation contractor must always come out to prep the site before construction commences–regardless of how clear it already looks. 

Land clearing may be necessary prior to an appraisal, to clean up after a storm, or to reduce fire hazard risk. Excavation contractors are able to perform this kind of work with excavators, even if there is no digging involved. The land must also be professionally graded so that water runs in certain directions, soil must be compacted, and rocks and branches must be removed before starting your project.

Protecting the environment

Clearing a site without precise care and caution can result in serious damage to the environment. It’s especially important for excavation contractors to protect topsoil, which plays a vital role in reducing air pollution, keeping the ground sufficiently watered, and providing a habitat for wildlife. By preserving vegetation and trees as well, topsoil is protected from harsh sun rays that dry it out. Thankfully, Stan’s is the best at accomplishing both environmental protection and excavating.

An excavation contractor’s job requires extreme precision and methodical thinking. Before you consider taking excavating matters into your own hands, call a professional. Even the smallest trenches can pose a huge safety risk if the walls are not properly secured. Failure to call a professional contractor can result in major fines if you accidentally strike a pipeline or damage the surrounding environment.

At Stan’s Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service, our contractors are skilled at excavating in marsh and other hard to access wetland areas. We dig trenches of all sizes and types, as well as clear away any debris and bring in topsoil or dirt where needed. Our excavation contractors are highly skilled and can help you remove trees or fallen branches, clear land, as well as move boulders and other obstructions. Contact us today to request a quote!

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