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Why Small Marsh Excavators Might Be a Better Choice

With Excavators, Sometimes Smaller is Better

Although most folks would have you believe that “bigger is always better,” when it comes to excavating jobs, small marsh excavators are the way to go.

Do you need a marsh excavator for your trenching or dredging project? Here’s why smaller might be better:

Small Excavators Get Work Done

A mini excavator consists of a cab, engine, dual rubber or steel track undercarriage, a boom arm, and an attachment. One tank of diesel fuel typically lasts a mini excavator eight to ten hours–so they can handle a lengthy workday without a lot of stops for refueling.

Unlike larger excavators, there is no need for a costly escort (or the permits potentially associated with one). Mini excavators aren’t exactly little–they still weigh in at a hefty two to six tons–but the costs associated with a larger excavator, as well as the potential to damage the environment, just doesn’t add up. In fact, it can cost more to transport a large excavator to a site than it does to actually operate the machine!

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A light excavator leaves behind virtually no footprint. This is good for oil and gas and construction projects, as well as government agencies like fish and wildlife departments that want to “go green” and be as minimally invasive as possible.

Manufacturers are On Board

Machines like the Bobcat E50 or E63 can still fit on the pontoon to float down to the job where they are needed, yet function as inexpensively as possible. Now that’s bang for your buck.” Manufacturers are even throwing in functions, like auto-idle and work modes, normally reserved for the larger machines. Yes, even the smaller machines include electronic monitor panels for relaying operating temperature and sharing pressure information.

If manufacturers are realizing the benefits of mini excavators, and reworking their designs, it only makes sense that anyone with a job in rough, tight terrain should take a second look at these mighty machines.

Mini excavators are small enough to fit in tight spaces yet hefty enough to handle whatever the marsh excavation project requires. They can travel where larger equipment can’t, while still digging and lifting with ease and offering great maneuverability.

Choosing a mini excavator might just be the perfect way to complete your marsh project on time and on budget. Contact Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service to learn how a mini excavator can knock out your next job with ease. Stan’s has the experience and equipment to successfully complete any job.

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