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Excavator/Airboat Services

Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service provides airboat transportationpipeline and right of way clearing, as well as survey transportation for clients whose jobs are non-accessible by terrain vehicles.

Stan’s provides operators who are trained to transport you on your site. Our airboats can transport you through swamps, marshes, and dry ridges.

Airboat Transporting Through Marshes

Marsh Excavators are designed to perform stump grinding and tree grubbing services in wetlands and other difficult conditions where no other equipment can operate.

Our Mini-Marsh Excavator is less than 12 feet wide and makes transportation easy with minimal costs.

These excavators also float on water and can be pushed to your site no matter how inaccessible. Similar to the airboat service, our Mini-Marsh Excavator Services provide a trained operator.


Stan’s can clear trees, shrubs, stumps and logs from the future right-of-way so you can do what needs to be done.

Marsh excavators are designed to work in wetlands and other difficult conditions where no other equipment can operate.

Laying pipelines means digging a trench, pulling the line into position and then covering the line. Trenching can be used to bury fiber optic cable, along with other utility lines.

Our pipeline reclamation services involve clearing a right-of-way through swamp and marsh lands. Stan’s has the tools to do it right!

Stan’s is a vital part of disaster cleanup efforts, including hurricanes, floods, and oil spills. We can go where others can’t.

Sometimes even your monster truck won’t get you there. Stan’s has airboat transportations for folks whose jobs lie on the other side of the swamp.

Unlike other amphibious equipment that get stuck in the muck, Hydratrecks from Stan’s keep working hard so you can keep working hard.

In addition to the above services, Stan’s can help with everything from dredging, to mosquito control, to levee building, to grass cutting, as well as bush hogging. Call us today and let’s figure out how we can help your business!

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