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Additional Services

Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service brings a wide range of expertise to the Louisiana Gulf Coast and to job sites around the country.



Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service is a vital part of disaster recovery services and emergency rescue efforts, such as restoring power, providing assistance in flood protection, animal emergency rescue and cleanup operations.

Our amphibious equipment can do shallow water operations.

Fiber optic cables are buried in the same manner as pipelines. Stan’s equipment works in the same way as we do in pipeline work.

Equipment can be used in the construction of right-of-way in marsh and swamp forests.

Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service equipment can lift and set power poles in marsh and swamp lands.

Click here to learn more about ANU Works and our hydroseeding, erosion control, and dust control services.

Our land reclamation and coastal erosion prevention work involves building dikes and barriers to protect fragile marsh and swamp land from tidal erosion.

Stan’s equipment can access marsh and swamp land to erect hurricane protection levees. These levees are vital to protecting cities in low-lying areas.

Mosquito control projects consist of draining an area that may have stagnated, standing water.

Oil exploration consists of bringing seismic equipment and men into the marsh and swamps to test and search for oil.

This work consists of clearing a right-of-way through swamp and marsh lands, digging a trench for the pipeline to be buried in, pulling the line into position and then recovering the line.

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