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Why Choose Stan's Airboat & Marsh

What we do better than our competitors:

Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service takes pride in taking the time to pay attention to the details of your excavation and cleanup job. Stan’s customers dictate the way we run our business, because without them we are nothing.

That’s why Stan’s employees must show a strong desire to put the customer and the machinery first. Our wetlands and marsh excavation equipment have unique mechanical characteristics and our operators are trained to overcome just about any problem they will encounter in the field.

Marsh excavator in water

Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service also keeps equipment maintenance logs, so when our marsh equipment shows up at your site, you will not go through costly downtime in the field waiting for our equipment to be maintained.

  • Stan’s marsh excavators don’t experience downtime from being stuck in the marsh like many of our competitors’ amphibious equipment does. Thanks to the “long stick” (long reach) our buggies feature, we can pull our marsh excavators out of most any situation.
  • We hire operators based on their knowledge of the equipment and their knowledge of the area marshes and wetlands.
  • Stan’s will always quote prices that are competitive. Call us now and you will see that our hauling and mobilization fees are a fraction of the price of the larger pipeline reclamation and marsh excavation services providers.
  • Stan’s Airboat & Marsh has marsh equipment and excavators equipped to dig, pull or drag pipe, trench, pick up and wench, cut, saw, mulch, vibrate and pack seawall and docks and carry debris or passengers and equipment.
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