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The Dangers of Incorrect Fiber Optic Cable Installation

fiber optic cables

When hiring a company to install fiber optic cables, it’s critical that you do your research on their reputation. Installing these cables is no amateur job and it can result in damage to the main power line, fires, electrocution, and even death if performed by someone who is unqualified. 

If the contractor is not careful and does not mark the location of other cables prior to installation, they can accidentally break another cable in the ground, which can result in a lawsuit. The most common signs of mis-installation or broken cables include:

  • Unreasonable signal loss caused by a connector that’s been contaminated
  • Unreasonable signal loss caused by excessive connectors or splices
  • Excessive bending or physical stress on fibers, resulting in breakage
  • Unreasonable signal loss caused by a cable span that’s too long
  • Defective connection between the fiber and the splice tray or the patch panel
  • Unreasonable signal loss caused by connectors or splices that are defective
  • Inadequate transmitting power

At Stan’s Marsh & Excavator Service, we take great care when it comes to installing fiber optic cables. First, we conduct a route analysis and site survey to assess the soil content and determine any water crossings or other obstacles that we may encounter. Occasionally, an Environmental Impact Study may be necessary for certain areas. After that has been conducted, we obtain all necessary licenses and permits for all rights-of-way, then begin installation.

We’re trained to work in the most difficult of areas–the marsh. When trenching in the marsh to lay these cables, we always comply with their stated design ratings to avoid damage during installation. To ensure that your fiber optic cables are installed with the utmost care and precision, contact Stan’s to do the job. We have the equipment and experience to successfully perform any job in any land condition.

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