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When Disaster Strikes: Stan’s Is Ready

We here at Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service often get called on to clean up after floods.

This could mean a lot of things. For example, it might mean rescuing cattle stranded by high water (see video below):

It might also mean clearing logs and other debris clogging a river after flooding. Check out this clogged-up river in Arkansas, where the flow of water was restricted by debris:
Debris on the River Clearing Logs

We had to bring in one of our powerful marsh buggies to the job site to get it cleared:

Buggy Picking Debris After Flooding

Of course, we use our airboats to push the swamp buggies to where the debris needs to be cleared (here we are at work in Pecos, TX):

Airboat Pushes the Swamp Buggy

Airboat and Swamp Buggy at Work

Here we are surveying the Pecos River for damage and conducting cleanup efforts.

Airboat Pushing Marsh Buggy

Hurricanes are a natural phenomenon that Stan’s is often called on to assist with. We are a vital part of rescue efforts and disaster response such as restoring power, providing assistance in flood protection, and clean-up operations. We’ve also worked in cases of downed aircraft in marsh and swamp lands. All over the United States, we can bring in the equipment that can get to these hard-to-reach locations when an emergency happens.

In fact, the U.S. Coast Guard even relies on Stan’s to perform nationwide disaster response and rescue efforts (click here to read more about our Coast Guard contract and the services we provide).

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