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3 Responsibilities That Your Excavation Contractor is Expected to Manage

When hiring an excavation contractor, it’s important to know what to expect out of them. Understanding this will help you determine whether or not you hired a trustworthy professional. In this article, we will dive into three fundamental responsibilities of excavation contractors. 

1. Communication and expertise

Excavation contractors must always communicate clearly, be courteous, and act professionally when on the job. It’s not uncommon for these contractors to work with multiple teams of people during a project, and by operating with a high degree of professionalism in these scenarios, everyone involved can get their work completed efficiently and on time. 

If your contractor is unprofessional, doesn’t communicate clearly, or seems like they’re not taking the job seriously, it’s time to call someone else before disaster occurs. At Stan’s Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service, our excavation contractors are highly skilled in every aspect of their work–from trenching and excavation to professionalism and communication.

2. Site management

One of the most important parts of the early construction phase of a job is site management. During this phase, the excavation contractor must check that the roads, entrances, and other areas of the site are all safe for use and designed properly.

The contractor is expected to closely monitor the safety of the site and its infrastructure needs throughout the entire project, so that the rest of the team is guaranteed the tools and transportation framework needed in order to safely finish their work. 

3. Managing utilities and controlling erosion

Tasks like monitoring and controlling erosion and utilities are vital to the success and safety of construction projects. In super wet areas like Louisiana, erosion control is of the utmost importance for excavation contractors. 

Things like proactive drainage practices and stormwater management are ideal for protecting against erosion. Without the proper erosion precautions in place, you risk stopping the project, severe damage to the environment, and hefty fines. Excavation contractors are also expected to detect, label, and protect all water mains, gas lines, and other utilities in order to keep the worksite, workers, and surrounding environment safe. 

At Stan’s, our excavation contractors are fully aware of their responsibilities and take all of the proper precautions and then some to complete jobs safely and effectively in even the toughest marshes. Contact us today to learn more about our services or request a quote!

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