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How to Prevent Damage When Working With Pipelines

safe excavating

Every year in the United States, nearly half a million excavation projects damage underground frameworks like cable and electric lines and pipelines. In order to decrease this number, it’s important that you hire a professional excavator that is experienced, has a good policy in place, and follows best practices.

At Stan’s Airboat & Marsh Excavator Service, we want to stress the importance of calling 811 before you dig. This is the most effective way to prevent damage when working with pipelines and a step that we take very seriously in our work, and encourage you to do so as well.

Calling 811

The first step towards a safe excavation project is calling 811 to ensure that the site is safe for digging, and that there are no underground utilities in the way. Regardless of whether you’re working on a major project or simply digging a hole in your yard, this is a vital safety step that cannot be skipped.

Calling before you dig can help prevent serious accidents. Every 6 minutes, excavation damage is caused by people who do not call before digging. This critical phone call alerts operators to mark underground assets before you begin.

By increasing awareness of this vital step, the annual number of excavation-related damages is sure to decrease. In fact, since the Common Ground Alliance started raising awareness 12 years ago, damage rates have decreased by 29%!

Navigating around underground infrastructure can be quite challenging. Keeping power lines and pipelines safe requires a multitude of special tools, which is why you should always hire a professional. At Stan’s, safety is our priority. Prevent damage when working with pipelines and contact us today to learn more about our excavation services!

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