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Expert Tree Grubbing Services

Tree Grubbing Experts

One of the biggest parts of a construction job is getting the area clear for building. Whether the land is going to be used for a structure, highway, or pipeline, it needs to be cleared off before work can begin.

In Louisiana and the other states served by Stan’s, the wooded areas can prove to be especially tricky, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Using the right tool for the job helps to get the work done the proper way, right from the start.


And when the construction equipment can’t get through, what can be done? Easy: tree grubbing by marsh excavators.

What is Tree Grubbing?

Pipeline and utility companies have to get through the tree canopy in order to do their jobs. First, the area must undergo a full site survey, after which tree grubbing services can take place in order to provide a clean slate for work to begin.

So, what exactly is “grubbing”?

Put simply: tree grubbing is the process of clearing away all the trees, shrubs, stumps, and logs from a job site. Before you can get heavy equipment and construction materials to the site, all of those organic materials that have been growing and slowly engulfing the area have to be removed. The roots systems and decaying vegetative matter could wreak havoc on foundations, pipelines, and other structures later.

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How Does it Work?

Our mini marsh excavators are perfect for clearing away the debris from a tight space. Excavating equipment will push over or knock out tree stumps. We’ll get in there with chainsaws where we have to. Afterward, any remaining holes will be filled in and compacted so the soil will not settle.

When the process is finished and the trees are grubbed, you won’t be able to tell that a tree was even there. At least, that is the case when a tree grubbing project is handled by an experienced, reliable, and professional grubbing and grinding service like Stan’s.

After the Grub

Need a space completely free of logs, trees, and brush? For your tree grubbing services, send in the professionals. There’s just no stumping Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service—our excavators can handle tight or otherwise hard-to-access areas. Call today to learn more.

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